Clay Thompson cheered the Celtic crowd for the slogan of the Diamond Green

Clay Thompson is looking for children.

The Golden State Warriors made their first road trip to the NBA Final on Wednesday. It didn’t go exactly right. Boston Celtics rolled They won 116-100 and captured the series 2-1. And Celtic fans – well, Celtics fans.

The 1st and 2nd Warriors activated the Diamond Green after the test games Go into full bully mode He was greeted by Celtics fans as expected in Boston at Game 3 in San Francisco. With a lot of fanfare during the precom introductions:

And we will not post the video of the slogan coming back again and again throughout the game here. But it went like this: “F *** u, Tremond.”

Real brilliant things.

Clay responds to the Tremond slogan

After the game, Thompson was salty. The loss is definitely not fun. As for the Tremond song? Well, what about the kids?

“We’ve played in front of rude people before,” Thompson said. “Throwing F-bombs with the kids in the crowd. Really majestic. Good job, Boston.”

Warriors coach Steve Gerry was also asked about Tremond’s treatment. His response was even more concise.

“Classic,” Kerr said. “Very classy.”

How is the goal of the song? What does Green think?

He was not the type to provide news conference fodder for Boston fans. And he doesn’t care about the kids.

Clay Thompson and the Warriors had a tough night. (Maddie Meyer / Getty Images)

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