Election results 2022: Trump tests his influence in primaries

The GOP will select its candidates for major statewide races in Nevada, including battlefield elections for the Senate and governor, and three contested House seats, with Bernie Sanders-recognized primary contender running against a Democrat.

The other two states – Maine and North Dakota – will also hold their primary on Tuesday.

Trump is looking to grow his brand on the House

Rice is one of the House Republicans in the country because of his vote to oust Trump. Five-time congressman Did not back down from votingHe told reporters and voters along the way that he did not regret his decision.

Trump stepped down in the race to endorse Fry. But a crowded field beyond those two could kick the race to the runoff – a candidate needs more than 50 percent of the vote to beat a candidate in a primary election in South Carolina – making it even worse.

Mass, meanwhile, did not vote to oust Trump. He has from time to time criticized the former president and mixed it with overwhelming praise. Nevertheless, the former state legislator who lost the general election in the district in 2018, Katie Arrington, chose Mace as her own Trump-advised candidate.

Latin support for Texas special election trials

With a special election in South Texas to replace former Democrat Fillman Vela, who retired to join a campaign company earlier this year, the divisive split in the House will not have a long-term impact as the seat will soon disappear. Redefine. But the trends playing in the district will provide a data point on GOP’s efforts to attract Latin voters.

Biden led the district by 4 points in 2020 – down from the double-digit margin of previous Democratic candidates. Fierce competition ensued as Republican Mera Flores and Democrat Daniel Sanchez came to the polls.

The seat turned very blue during the redistricting process, with Democrat Vicente Gonzalez jumping out of the neighboring district and running here for the whole of November.

But Tuesday’s election will be under the old lines, and it could be an early warning sign for Democrats to lose party support among Latin voters in the region. National Republicans and Democrats are spending money on a special election for a member that will eventually sit for only a few months.

The primary wars of the wars

Both of Nevada’s top-of-the-ticket contests are Democratic Senate. Catherine Cortes Masto and Governor Steve Sissolak face rival GOP primaries.

In the Senate primary, former state Attorney General Adam Luxold is trying to prevent a military veteran from blaming Sam Brown. He has the support of both Laxalt Trump and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and is still leading the referendum.

In the currency identity of the governor, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo is the governor’s favorite. Even before Trump approved him, Lombardo took the lead in the referendum.

In Nevada, there are three Democratic-run House seats and crowded Republican primaries. After the reshuffle, President Joe Biden moved all three seats to single digits – creating potential pick-up opportunities for Republicans in November.

Both Nevada incumbents face primary challenges. Democrat Tina Titus did not succumb to radar primacy from Amy Villa, a progressive challenger who received late approval from Senate Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

GOP representative Mark Amodi also faces permanent Republican candidate Danny Tarkaniyan in the state’s only secure Republican district, with National Republican Committees spending on Amodi’s behalf.

In another influential Nevada race, Republicans will choose their candidate as Secretary of State and Chief Electoral Officer of the state. In the field is Jim Markand, a former state legislator Leader of the Trump-affiliated election dissidents Trying to seize election executive positions across the country. Democrat lawyer Cisco Aguilar will be appointed, who ran unopposed for his party.

The Republicans will choose a Battlefield district candidate to win the 2nd District of Maine, Democrat Jared Golden. Former Representative Bruce Balickwin’s GOP is ranked first.

Statewide Deployment

In Maine, voters finalized a contest between two of the state’s most recent governors: current Democratic Gov. Janet Mills and former Republican Gov. Paul Lepage.

GOP Sen. Although both Tim Scott and GOP Governor Henry McMaster were desperate to win their respective elections in South Carolina in November, the first to face McMaster was former Democrat Rep. Joe Cunningham, a bitter rival between the candidate and the state. Sen. Mia McLeod.

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