Four-legged farewells: Corgis and ponies attend Queen’s funeral | Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II’s staff lined the street outside Buckingham Palace to bid farewell to the monarch after her funeral – and Monday’s festivities weren’t the only royals to be seen. The Queen’s corgis and one of her ponies were taken to watch the procession at Windsor.

The Queen’s dogs, Muick and Sandy, who are Pembroke Welsh Corgis, waited in the quadrangle at Windsor Castle while the funeral procession was watched over by two staff.

Royal corgis await the cortege. Photo: Peter Nicholls/Reuters

The Queen also had two other dogs at the time of her death – a doggie called Candy and Lizzie the cocker spaniel. It has been confirmed Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson will take care of the corgis. Andrew was later seen in the company of dogs.

The Queen was first given a corgi at age seven, and generations of Royal Corgis descend from Susan, a corgi she was given at age 18.

Also on display was Queen’s Fell pony, Carltonlima Emma, ​​who was led to the side of the road in a gap between floral tributes as the coffin passed.

Emma, ​​the Queen's Fell Pony stands by as the coffin arrives at Windsor Castle.
Emma, ​​the Queen’s Fell Pony stands by as the coffin arrives at Windsor Castle. Photo: Aaron Soun/PA

Named after a horse commonly known as Emma Among the Queen’s wishes For Horse & Hound Magazine in 2020 by Terry Pendry, one of the grooms in Windsor. The Queen was a host Fell Pony SocietyAnd into Emma’s 90s she continued to ride.

The pony carried a king's helmet.
The pony carried a king’s helmet. Photo: Aaron Soun/AP

Animals did not play an important role in some royal funerals in the past. At the funeral of King Edward VII in 1910, heads of state were said to be somewhat surprised to find the king’s dog Caesar, a wire fox terrier, in the formal procession.

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Caesar is included in the sculpture at St George’s Chapel, the mausoleum of Edward VII and his queen, where Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation took place on Monday.

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