Health officials say one-third of Americans live in areas with high levels of the virus to consider masks

“Of all the things that happen, most people don’t realize this is probably the problem,” he said.

The president’s position could be reversed if the latest outbreak of the virus continues to develop, preventing vaccinations and making more people seriously ill. If that happens, it could reappear last summer when the president declared “independence” from the virus ahead of the July 4 holiday, and massive waves of disease and death could be seen as the Delta and Omigran species strike.

Experts say executives – including the president – should do a better job of preparing the public for the resurgent virus when people spend more time indoors, in the fall and winter. If people are satisfied now, they say, they can pay the price for dropping booster doses or failing to vaccinate their children.

“We’ve got it, we’ve done it. ‘ Said Dr. Eric Topol, professor of molecular medicine at Scripps Research in San Diego. “People need to be prepared, they need to get booster shots. But there is no awareness.”

If the epidemic appears to be of less concern, experts argue, it makes it difficult to claim that the White House needs tens of thousands of new funding from Congress to replenish the supply of tests, treatments and vaccines in a timely manner. Fall. At the time the administration said it wanted to launch a booster campaign, and the vaccines were retouched to work better against the latest version of the virus.

At the White House conference, Dr. Ashish Jah, the new White House co-ordinator of the epidemic response, warned that Americans would suffer in the fall if Congress failed to comply with the administration’s request for a $ 22 billion new Govt fund.

He did not repeat the previous administration’s claim that the country could face 100 million epidemics next fall and winter. Instead, he said, the statistics of biological statisticians vary greatly depending on estimates of how much immunity and other complex factors have developed in the population.

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