Mary Miller says abortion verdict at Trump rally ‘victory for white life’

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The Republican lawmaker called for the Supreme Court ruling The nationwide right to abortion should be revoked Founded about 50 years ago Row We Wade The rally, led by former President Donald Trump, was a “victory for the lives of whites.”

“President Trump, on behalf of all MAGA patriots in the United States, I want to thank you for the historic victory of whites in the Supreme Court yesterday,” said delegate Mary E. Snyder at a rally in Mendon on Saturday night. Miller (R) said. , Ill., Refers to Trump’s former campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”.

She began to clap, with some in the audience holding red “Save America” ​​cards.

His comment drew widespread condemnation on social media, and Miller’s team quickly published an explanation for what was considered a “mixture of words.”

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Miller’s spokesman, Isaiah Wartman, told the Associated Press that the Republican Party of Illinois had misread its prepared speech and should declare the separatist court ruling a victory for the “right to life.”

“As you can clearly see in the video … she looks at the papers, looks at her speech,” Wardman said.

Trump – Miller’s supporter against GOP representative Rodney Davis After the Democrats reorganized them into a single seat – held a rally ahead of the state’s sensational match on Tuesday.

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The words “white life” became the top trend on Twitter in the United States.

“I retweet this report by GOP Representative Mary Miller on White Life for your information” Wrote Representative Ted Liu (D-Calif.).

Others pointed out that many in the crowd were reluctant to comment on Miller. “Whether slipped or not, the audience heard ‘white life’ and did not tremble. They applauded ” Has tweeted that Writer Ahmed Baba writes for the Independent.

Miller’s comments caused a backlash outside the United States. Jesse Phillips, a British legislator who is a member of the main opposition Labor Party, tweeted: “Liberal democracy should never be considered the default, that progress is in the bank and does not require sustainable strong security.”

Friday, Miller Praised the judgment of the High Court As “Happy Success.” She said Row We Wade He was accused of “doing untold harm to our country” and “horrible abortion industry” of deceiving Americans. He thanked Trump for helping to overthrow him Row “By appointing Supreme Court judges, life will be respected”

Trump, Promised to appoint opposition-Row JudgesJudges Samuel A. Neil M., who was part of a 5-for-4 vote to overturn the 1973 ruling with Alito Jr. and Clarence Thomas. Korsch, Brett M.. Nominated by Kavanagh and Amy Connie Barrett.

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This is not the first time Miller has been explored for ideas in his texts. Last year, he was forced to apologize for quoting Adolf Hitler on the “Moms for America” ​​show in Washington.

“Hitler was right in one thing. He said, ‘He who has youth has a future,’ Miller said during the rally, two days after he became a member of the House, he called on social media and Democrats to resign.

Miller later released one Report Sorry for quoting the Nazi leader.

“I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by my words and regret to use the reference to one of the worst dictators in history.

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