Noori Martinez’s ‘Little Latina Girls’ line sparks backlash

Nouri Martinez’s Los Angeles City Council resignation letter did not go over well on social media.

Actor Melina Bobadilla, writer Miriam Gurba and TV presenter Areva Martin have criticized several Twitter users. Martinez’s announcement — especially the part where the disgraced politician addresses “all the little Latina girls across town” and “I hope I’ve inspired you to dream beyond what you can see.”

“What girl? What do you think?” Bobadilla tweeted On Wednesday. “You are not #goals or inspo; You’re a power-hungry girl-bossery nerd cautionary tale. This is an example of narcissism & gaslighting BYE.

Actress Melina Bobadilla is among the critics of Nouri Martinez’s resignation letter, featured in the series “Gendefite.”


The “Little America” ​​and “Gentefide” star was among the Angelenos who pressed for Martinez’s resignation this week after the former L.A. City Council president was recorded on audio making racist and vitriolic comments about black people, Oaxacas, Jewish people and Armenians. leaked to the public.

Bobatilla also called for the resignation of council members Gil Cedillo and Kevin De Leon, who participated in the taped conversation without challenging Martinez’s offensive statements.

“A few people are tweeting some weird words to belittle the behavior of Nuri Martinez, Gil Cedillo and Kevin De Leon,” Bobatilla said. he tweeted on Wednesday. “It’s not that complicated. IDGAF if they’re Latinos or how many Hispanic galas you’ve been to with them, they’re corrupt and they need to resign now.

“The CA elected officials could have been quiet watching you, U endorsed Cedillo. [Eunisses] Hernandez or say, was photographed with KdL this weekend?” she added. “Silence & half-stepping for political currency = implicitly supporting anti-black/anti-tribal racism, gerrymandering & corruption.”

Following a swift and sharp backlash, Martinez apologized and stepped down as LA City Council president. But it isn’t enough Political leaders and community members were offended and outraged by his comments — many who appeared at Tuesday’s City Hall meeting called for Martinez’s full resignation. Martinez finally resigned from his council position on Wednesday.

“To all the Latina girls in this town, don’t grow up like Noori Martinez.” Gurba tweetedAuthor of “Fish” and “Letter to a Pigot.”

“I’m sorry, #NuryMartinez illusion” Martin tweeted, a CNN legal analyst and host of “The Special Report.” “In his resignation letter, ‘And [to] All the little Latina girls across this town — I hope I’ve inspired you to dream beyond what you can see,’ … I regret letting women [and] The boys fell for my bigotry and narcissism!

In Another tweet, author and former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs wrote, “Imagine being forced to resign for a bigoted, ‘I hope I inspired Latina women.’ Huh? No forgiveness? No regrets for the boy I hurt or the communities I harmed? Nada. Vibes and I hope you all follow in my footsteps. Basura.”

Comedian Emily Heller They joked Cookbook author Adriana Guevara Adarme said Martinez’s farewell message was “very moving if you were a kid who dreamed of one day resigning in disgrace, if you were caught up in a racist scandal.” He tweeted that“‘To all the Latina girls’ girls, welcome.’

Read Martinez’s full resignation statement Here.

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