PGA Championship 2022 Live: Leaderboard with Rory McIlroy after Tiger Woods cut and latest updates

<p>Tiger Woods was one of the early starters of the day moving into the Southern Hills </p>
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Tiger Woods was early in the day moving into the Southern Hills

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Follow all the steps when Will Zalatoris takes a one-shot lead in the third round of the PGA Championship.

The 25-year-old American continued his opening round of 66 with 65 runs on Friday as he bid to win his first major title. He will be paired with Mito Pereira in the final group, which he has never played in a big match before. Behind them is a packed field that includes Papa Watson, Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy. The Northern Irishman failed to make his fantastic start and scored an over-bar round 71 yesterday, now leading by five shots.

Tiger Woods once again showed extraordinary ability to avoid making the cut after 69 runs, however his hopes for a 16th big win are now obsolete. Many notable names have failed to make the cut, including world No. 1 and Masters champion Scotty Scheffler, Dustin Johnson and Patrick Cantley. “It’s definitely frustrating,” Scheffler said. “I’m disappointed too. A cut is not fun to miss. I want to play on the weekend and try to grind it as hard as I can. I do not have it this week.


PGA Championship

Woods within five feet in fourth place! Beautiful approach, in the center of the green.

No … but the boot lips wrapped around his back. Bird seemed inevitable, but he was +1 that day.

Paradoxically, it was his playing partner, Shawn Norris, who created the birds – albeit from the banks of the creek to the back of the green.

He created the bird from 40 feet – what three!

Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 15:52


PGA Championship

Morikawa gets a beautiful approach within the fifth to 10 feet as he returns to his round equalizer. Woods came to the front edge of the bar-three three in two shots, but his birdie foot left the height. He went to fourth and found a reasonable way.

Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 15:48


PGA Championship

The seven major championships were held in the Southern Hills, the last of which was the 2007 PGA Championship won by Tiger Woods.

In all seven cases, the winner was headed in half or co-led, so his side will be history when Will Saladoris hits the halfway mark tonight.

Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 15:30


PGA Championship

Woods had a fighting opportunity to save the equivalent of rolling a beautiful pale green around the tree to the left of the Fairway – but the bar foot stands a foot short, so he’s enough to knock on the bogey-five.

Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 15:27


PGA Championship

But it comes with a splash to Woods in second place. After his co-op, his drive at Long Bar 4 failed to carry the snake-burning burn across the fairway.

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Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 15:16


PGA Championship

A bold look at Woods first! After catching the front edge of the green, his third shot left him at 13 feet. Still, he rolled it into the hole to be at +4.

Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 15:13


PGA Championship

Woods’ debut includes his four PGA Championships, and he has been driving to the left of the Fairway.

Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 15:01


PGA Championship

Colin Morikawa started his round with a boogie first and went further down the leaderboard at +5.

Woods is now approaching first tea. Shaun Norris of South Africa has the honorable / unbearable task of playing alongside him today.

Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 14:56


PGA Championship

Hideki Matsuyama got things done on the third day by rolling a birdie puddle from a height of 45 feet.

This is a moving day but there is still a long way to go for the 2021 Masters Champion after starting at +4.

Tiger Woods will be out an hour early.

Jamie Brightwood21 May 2022 14:49


PGA Championship

Tyrell Hutton was never ashamed to express his displeasure, after branding Augusta “sometimes unreasonable” last month, the Englishman targeted the Greens in the South Hills yesterday.

Tom Kershaw21 May 2022 14:14

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