Sagittarius Horoscope for September 2022

Your September Horoscope for Sagittarius

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What will September hold for you! All the action is at the “angles” of your solar chart, which means this is a month of high intensity for your career, home, and a close relationship you have in love or business. Astrologers know that the planets associated with the western, southern, eastern and northern (first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses respectively) points of the compass act with double strength like wild stallions. And that’s what you have for September! There’s a lot to unlock, so let’s get started.

When you start in September, your career can easily take center stage. An important New Moon occurred late last month on August 27 at 4 degrees Virgo. That new moon lit up the cusp in your chart, meaning your solar tenth house of prestigious honors, awards and achievements. If you’re hoping to land an impressive promotion or sterling offer from a rival company for a top position, this is the month to achieve that goal. If you’re self-employed, your past work might land you a promotion with a big idea and a lucrative, valuable new client who thinks only you can handle it.

Alternatively, whether you work for yourself or for others, you may be given publicity for recent work you’ve done that is so good that you dream of attracting media attention. This is possible as you enter September and in the coming weeks.

I wrote a bit about this new moon in your August report last month, so you may have been waiting for this break since it’s the only business new moon you’ll get in 2022. It will take another year for another new moon to appear like this. With this new moon in Virgo, it is clear that your skills in writing, teaching, editing, translating or researching will be appreciated. Virgo is known for precision and detail—if your work reflects this quality, you’ll need to use a fly swatter to fend off the flock of eager employers who want to hire you. (Well, just kidding, but you’ll definitely be popular.) Almost everyone will want you in their corner.

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