Starry David O. Nobody is happy about the Russell movie

Margot Robbie, Christian BaleAnd John David Washington They move to Amsterdam, but not everyone is happy about it. No matter how many stars actors are these days, nobody is here Specifically enthusiastically See a David O. Russell Picture. However, the notorious director—who first made headlines eight years ago for sexual assault allegations—has managed to convince the best of the best to work with him on his new film. Amsterdam.

The main trio is the core of the film, a random group of three friends (imagine these three actors befriending each other in Hollywood today!) who travel to Amsterdam and witness a murder. When they become suspicious of themselves, they are forced to band together and find out Real Even if the murderer—he or she—is hidden among the three of them.

“So two soldiers and a nurse found us in Amsterdam,” recounts Bale’s rugged soldier. “We made a pact, we swore to protect each other no matter what.”

The comedy is set in the 1930s, following the hijinks of our two soldiers, a nurse, but a supporting cast stacked with pop culture’s biggest names. Often Russell likes collaborators Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper Christian Bale (who won an Oscar for his turn in Russell’s film) makes an appearance this time around. The Fighter) and Robert De Niro return to duty.

If only Adam McKay thought he had Hollywood’s best Don’t look up, Amsterdam One lifts him up. Robbie, Bale and Washington are the main characters in the film, but Rami Malek, Anya Taylor-Joy, Chris Rock, Zoe Saldana, Mike Myers, Michael Shannon, Timothy Olyphant, Andrea Riseborough, Matthias Schoenerts, Alessandro Nivola, Robert De Nivola and … Taylor Swift They also make an appearance.

Which begs the question: Why are all these Hollywood darlings David O. Wanted to work with Russell, of all people? After the release of the trailer today, Social media users It didn’t take long to bring up the director’s shady past Allegation of sexual harassment. There’s a reason Russell has been on hiatus for seven years.

“I want to worry about the movie with Margot Robbie and Taylor Swift, but it’s more important to point out the horrible things that David O. Russell is accused of,” he echoed a common sentiment. Others openly reminded followers of the accusations leveled against Russell years ago.

In 2012, Russell’s 19-year-old niece, Nicole Peloquin The director accused her of grabbing her breasts and placed his hands near her genitals. Adding to the awkwardness, Russell teased his niece about her current transformation – after describing the hormones she was using, the director slipped his hands under her shirt to feel her breasts.

The director did not deny the incident, saying only that Beloquin “acts him very provocatively.” He has not faced any charges.

Still, must the show go on? Amsterdam It hits theaters on November 4.

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