Tamar Hamlin update: Buffalo Bills star ‘woke’, asked ‘who won’ Bills-Bengals game after ‘significant improvement’

Bills safety Tamar Hamlin was on the field after a terrible hit

NFL player Damar Hamlin has “shown significant improvement” over the past 24 hours and the Buffalo Bills star appears to be “neurologically intact” as he recovers from a heart attack on the field.

Doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center said the 24-year-old remains in “critical condition” at the hospital, but woke up Wednesday evening and was able to text the Bills’ game against the Cincinnati Bengals to ask who won.

At a press conference Thursday, Dr. Tim Britts said: “Last night he was able to come out, follow orders and ask who won the game. We asked Tamar who won the game and we said, ‘Yes, you won. You won the game of life.”

Earlier, Hamlin’s agent, Ronald Butler, told The Associated Press that Hamlin was awake and able to hold the hands of family members at his hospital bed.

A Buffalo Bills statement said: “According to the doctors caring for Tamar Hamlin at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Tamar has shown significant improvement over the past 24 hours. While still critically ill, he appears to be neurologically intact. His lungs continue to heal and he is making steady progress. We are grateful for the love and support we have received.


Tom Brady, Robert Kraft and Jim Irsay Make Big Donations as Tamar Hamlin’s Fundraiser Passes $7 Million

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback contributed $10,000 in total, which now exceeds $7 million and aims to support a toy drive for the Hamlin community.

Brady is also joined by several NFL franchises, with Jim Irsay and the Indianapolis Colts making the largest donation of $25,003.

Many added $3 to their total to recognize Hamlin’s jersey number Buffalo Bills.

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ICYMI: ‘You won the game of life’: Tomar Hamlin asks doctors about outcome of Bills game after cardiac arrest

Doctors said Mr Hamlin’s neurological function was intact after suffering a heart attack during Monday night’s game.

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NFL will not restart Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals game

The Bills-Bengals game had big playoff implications for the AFC. Buffalo (12-3) entered Monday night needing a win to maintain the AFC’s No. 1 seed.

The Kansas City Chiefs (13-3) now hold that spot. The Bengals (11-4) had a chance to clinch that top spot with two more wins and one loss by the Chiefs.

Scenarios approved by the competition committee include a potential neutral site for the AFC Championship Game. The league is considering multiple venues, including indoor and outdoor arenas.

The resolution put to the clubs for a vote on Friday was as follows:

The AFC Championship Game will be played at a neutral site, if participating teams have played an unequal number of games, both could have been ranked No. 1 and all AFC clubs have played a 17-game regular season.

Those scenarios include either Buffalo or Cincinnati qualifying for the game as a road team. If Buffalo and Kansas City both win or tie this weekend, the Bills-Chiefs AFC title game will be at neutral site.

If Buffalo and Kansas City both lose and Baltimore wins or ties, the Bills-Chiefs AFC title game will be at neutral site.

If Buffalo and Kansas City both lose and Cincinnati wins, either the Bills or Bengals will be at a neutral site against Kansas City in the AFC title game.

Also, if Baltimore beats Cincinnati in Week 18, the Ravens would have two wins over the Bengals, a divisional foe, but no playoff berth because Cincinnati has a higher winning percentage than Baltimore in the 16-game schedule. For the 17-game schedule.

So, if Baltimore beats Cincinnati and those two clubs are scheduled to play a wild-card game against each other, the site for that game will be determined by a coin toss.

However, if the Bengals win this weekend or Baltimore and Cincinnati are not scheduled to play each other in the wild card round, the game sites will be determined by regular scheduling procedures.

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NFL will not restart Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals game

The NFL will not resume the Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals game that was suspended Monday night after Damar Hamlin suffered a heart attack and collapsed on the field.

The game was stopped when the 24-year-old Bills player was critically injured and had to be resuscitated before being taken to a hospital, where he was receiving treatment.

“This has been a very difficult week,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement announcing the cancellation, which came on the same day that Hamlin’s doctors said he was awake and communicating with them.

“We continue to focus on Damar Hamlin’s recovery and are encouraged by his progress and the overwhelming outpouring of support and care for Damar and his family from across the country.

“We are incredibly appreciative of the amazing work of the medical staff and appreciate each and every one of them.”

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ICYMI: Hamlin family focused on NFL star staying ‘neurologically intact’

NFL Network reporter Cameron Wolff has reached out to a spokesperson for Hamlin’s family, and reports that they are happy with the news from doctors that the NFL star is “neurologically intact.”

“I want to focus on ‘neurologically intact,'” said a Wolff family spokesperson. “Everyone is very happy and they got word this morning from the doctors that he is neurologically intact.”

Wolf’s full statement can be found below:

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ICYMI: NFL’s emergency action plan ‘fully implemented’ after Tamar Hamlin collapse

Damar Hamlin’s collapse prompted a conference call in NFL circles, which NFL insider Ian Rapoport described as “emotional.”

The nature of the call included each team’s “preparation” for situations like Hamlin’s, including an “emergency action plan,” something not available to the public or seen until the game between the Bills and Bengals.

Former NFL cornerback and current NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent was remarkably moved by the call: “The emergency action plan was executed to perfection and our brother Tamar got to live another day.”

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ICYMI: Tamar Hamlin is ‘awake’ and ‘neurologically intact’ after remarkable cardiac arrest recovery, Buffalo Bills reveals

Tamar Hamlin Has “shown significant improvement” in the last 24 hours and appears to be “neurologically intact”. Buffalo Bills quoting the attending doctors NFL Star at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

A further update from Hamlin’s teammate Khair Elam said the 24-year-old defenseman was “awake” in hospital.

“Our boy is doing great, awake and showing signs of improvement,” Elam posted on Twitter. “Thank you God. Please keep the prayers up. All the love 3!”

Hamlin suffered a heart attack following Monday night’s win over the Cincinnati Bengals and is in “critical condition” requiring on-field CPR, a team statement said, adding that he “appears to be neurologically intact.”

The statement added: “His lungs continue to heal and he is making steady progress. We are grateful for the love and support we have received.

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Narrator: What happened to Tamar Hamlin, the NFL player who collapsed on the field?

If you’ve missed any of Tamar Hamlin’s news – here’s our explainer to catch you up.

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Andy Corral: The Tamar Hamlin incident is a sobering reminder for all of us

The wind over Pacor Stadium in Cincinnati was terrifying. Players, fans and coaches from both sides were completely and utterly bewildered by what they had just witnessed. And yet somehow, word got out that the NFL notified the parties involved that the play would resume in five minutes.

Shortly after, the game was announced as “temporarily suspended” until further notice. Meanwhile, an update circulated online that Hamlin was alive but not breathing.

Confusion, devastation, panic – these emotions Players and coaches were visible, as they were in the field, walking back and forth, conversing, and praying in response to what they saw. In official broadcasts, no word was given on the injury.

As a society, as we grappled with the shock of a 24-year-old man falling ill, quite spontaneously, the conversation swirled online. From raising suspicions to recalling vaccine-related conditions Similar cardiac arrest episodes in pro sports from years pastMonday night’s incident had almost all viewers agreeing on one thing – the drama should not continue.

Andy Corral discusses how Monday night’s incident made us feel:

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Andrew Buncombe: All of us watching this brutal – but thrilling – game are due to what happened to Tamar Hamlin

Tamar Hamlin, 24, of the Buffalo Bills Copes with the hype, he soon finds his feet. He seems fine. But after two steps, he collapsed and fell on the pitch, unable to move.

We do know that as both Bills and Cincinnati Bengals players sat or prayed, medical personnel rushing to the field had to restart the player’s heart before he was taken off by ambulance and taken to the hospital.

The teenager was said to be in critical condition at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he was sedated and undergoing “further testing and treatment.”

There was a flood of emotional messages of support from fans and players wishing Hamlin a speedy recovery, cheered Dee Higgins, Bengals quarterback. “Brother I pray you will pull. Love,” he wrote on Twitter.

But is it? Is that all going to happen? The only soul-searching to take place after this game was reportedly stopped only after the crash, after the intervention of two coaches.

Andrew Buncombe addresses the Tamar Hamlin incident:

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