The White House was buoyed by early midterm results as Biden avoided the fate of his predecessors

MILWAUKEE — President Joe Biden celebrated Wednesday Mid-term elections He said the results exceeded Democratic expectations, arguing that the district is “on the right track” under his leadership and that his policy agenda is delivering results.

Speaking at the White House, Biden said voters had “sent a clear and unambiguous message” on issues like democracy and abortion rights, but “it’s clear they’re still frustrated.”

While it’s unclear whether Democrats will retain control of Congress, Biden and his party have avoided it. “Red Tide” Some strategists predict record inflation will be fueled by economic problems.

While willing to work with his Republican colleagues, Biden said he would veto a national abortion ban and oppose Republican efforts to cut Social Security.

“The American people have made it clear: They don’t want every day going forward as a constant political battle,” Biden said, adding that he would invite the leaders of both political parties to meet when he returns from a trip abroad later this month. . “America’s future is too promising, too promising to be mired in endless political warfare.”

Biden’s losses would be far less than those suffered by President Barack Obama in 2010 or President Donald Trump in 2018.

The results confirm for a White House that Biden’s policies for weeks — from student loan relief to infrastructure investments — have been broadly popular with voters, and his strategy of talking up those accomplishments is paying off. A Biden adviser said there was a sense of fairness in the West Wing Wednesday morning, especially with the loss of some of the candidates supported by Trump. Lies About who won the 2020 election.

If the election had gone as forecasters predicted, Biden would have drawn criticism for his ability to lead the party, and Trump would have boasted of the victories before looking ahead to a re-election bid next week.

But instead, Biden’s camp is optimistic.

Even if the Democrats’ dire electoral scenario doesn’t play out, if Republicans can take control of the House or Senate by even a slim margin, Biden could face two more years, which could help thwart legislative efforts. By the Democrats. They have indicated that if Republicans take control of the House, they will pursue a range of investigations, from the business dealings of Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, to the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

For many voters, Biden played little role in their decision. According to an NBC News poll, nearly half of voters said Biden was not a factor in their vote for the U.S. House of Representatives. That compares to 2018, when only a third of voters said Trump was not a factor in their House vote.

Biden had other warning signs.

Two-thirds of voters don’t want to see Biden run for re-election, three-quarters of independent midterm voters don’t want to see Biden run again and 66% of midterm voters under 30 say the same, according to exit polls.

But the victory seems to give him some more support among his party members.

“Based on the results we saw last night, if there was a rematch, I think there’s no doubt that he would beat Donald Trump again,” Colorado Sen. Michael Bennett said on MSNBC.

Biden’s approval rating among voters was 41%, just above Trump’s 39%.

Ahead of the results, the president’s aides and advisers said Tuesday’s result would not be a factor in his decision on whether or not to seek a second term in the White House, NBC News reported. reported tuesday

Shannon Pettibone reported from Milwaukee and Monica Alba from Washington.

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