Three were killed and at least 14 were injured in what became known as the Sattanouka shootings.

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A shooting nearby Liquor store in the town of Chattanooga Three were killed and 14 were injured.

“This is a sad event for the families and victims involved,” Satanuka Police Chief Celeste Murphy said Sunday.

Murphy said 14 people were killed in the shooting and three others were hit by vehicles during the incident. According to Fox 13, two people died from gunshot wounds and a third died from injuries sustained in a collision with a vehicle that fled the scene.

Police Suspected of multiple shootings The bomber struck shortly after 2 a.m. Sunday near McCullie Avenue near Marys Bar and Grill, leaving many of the victims in critical condition.

A shooting in Philadelphia has killed at least three people and injured at least 11 others

Chattanooga police car
(Sattanuka Police Department)

“Many of them are life-threatening injuries. I have nothing more than that at this time,” said a spokesman for the Chattanooga Police Department.

So far No arrests were made And the police have sought the help of the community.

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“This is a situation again and we see the need for community help to help us because we can not do this,” Murphy said.

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