Tom Brady returns to Buccaneers practice after 11-day absence

After almost two weeks off, Tom Brady is back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

A 45-year-old quarterback The Buccaneers returned to the facility on Monday, 11 days after leaving the team for “personal reasons”. He is also expected to return to training.

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Brady’s absence came as a shock to many, especially since there was no word on why he walked away. He’s under no obligation to share those details with the public, but when head coach Todd Bowles said he didn’t know when Brady was going to return, people got even more curious (or panicked, if you’re a Bucks fan).

Gut also said that Brady’s absence was premeditated, so his departure was no surprise (at least to the team). He’s been in touch with Guts and the rest of the staff throughout his absence, which should ease his mind a lot. Even with 20 days left to prepare for the season, Brady has never looked out of place and unprepared in training camp. He’s meticulous about his diet and fitness, so it’s unlikely he’s been scarfing down double cheeseburgers and donuts while out and about.

And, he’s Tom Brady. He may be 45 years old, but he won the Super Bowl two seasons ago and has consistently matched or outperformed quarterbacks years his junior. If there’s anyone to trust when ready and willing, it’s him.

Buccaneers QB Tom Brady is back after an 11-day absence. (Kim Clement-USA TODAY Sports)

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