U.S. employers said jobs were at an all-time high in April

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Jobs are nearby Maximum 11.4 With millions of jobs, the tight labor market continues to be a bright spot for the US economy.

Some 4.4 According to a report released Wednesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, millions of Americans left their jobs or changed jobs in April, using their influence in the labor economy to find that employment is closer to one in two.

Employers announced they would hire 6.6 million people in April. Meanwhile, layoffs fell to 1.2 million as businesses sought to retain their workers.

“The labor market is strong even though things are cooling down a bit,” said Nick Bunker, an economist at the jobs site. “We’re still very much in the labor and job seekers market.”

The latest figures show that the US job market has been rising steadily for months. U.S. employers added 428,000 jobs in April – the fourth consecutive month with at least 400,000 new jobs. The unemployment rate is as low as 3.6 percent.

The U.S. unemployment rate is as low as 3.6 percent

Overall, the labor market added more than 6.5 million jobs last year and is on the verge of returning to pre-epidemic levels this summer. That rapid growth has empowered millions of workers to quit their jobs.

Abigail Josephine worked at an animal hospital in Sattanuka, Den, before leaving her job as a veterinary technician in April. He said the tight labor market, coupled with the stressful work environment, made the decision relatively easy. The 20-year-old said he applied for several other positions, but finally released his announcement without another chance.

“At first I wasn’t sure about leaving,” Josephine said. “But I came home crying and my husband told me that no work was worth my mental health.”

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